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In 1997, the Mexican government launched a national CCT program, now called Oportunidades. The cash transfer benefit from Oportunidades comes in two forms . 17 Dec 2018 Conditional cash transfer (CCT) programmes that pay parents on the condition that their children attend school (as well as other forms of human  6 Oct 2008 In 1997, Mexico introduced a large-scale conditional cash transfer programme ( CCT) that aims, in part, to improve birth outcomes through better 

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Dec 01, 2017 · Cash transfers have been increasingly adopted by countries worldwide as central elements of their social protection and poverty reduction strategies. A growing number of studies provide rigorous evidence on the impact of cash transfers, and the role of specific cash transfer design and implementation features in shaping outcomes.

The political economy of cash transfer programmes in ... 2009; Garcia and Moore, 2012), with Mexico pioneering the cash transfer model as early as 1997 with its programme Oportunidades. The programmes have shifted from transfers to very specific groups of vulnerable people (e.g. children, pregnant women) to nationwide transfers …

17 May 2019 Mexico. The Mexican CCT program PROGESA started in the central region of Mexico in 1997, but was scaled up to a large national program 

Conditional Cash Transfer Programs in Mexico: Progresa – Oportunidades. Margaret Arnold and Alejandro de la Fuente, World Bank. Progresa is a  17 May 2019 Mexico. The Mexican CCT program PROGESA started in the central region of Mexico in 1997, but was scaled up to a large national program  Conditional cash transfers(CCTs) are widely used antipoverty measuresin Latin America, households in Latin America: Evidence from PROGRESA in Mexico. Prospera is the largest cash transfer programme in Mexico. Inaugurated in rural and semi-urban areas in 1997 as Progresa, the programme was renamed as 

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By 2004, Oportunidades had enrolled ∼5 million families in all 31 states of Mexico. Nearly half of rural Mexican workers work in agriculture; the average hourly  The key term conditional cash transfer was used in combination with one of the following terms: México, PROGRESA, Oportunidades, Brazil, Bolsa Família,  27 Dec 2019 Payments for ecosystem services and conditional cash transfers in a policy mix: Microlevel interactions in Selva Lacandona, Mexico. Santiago  10 Apr 2019 Evidence from Mexico; 2. Motivation Conditional cash transfer (CCT) programs have become a central strategy for poverty alleviation in over 80  According to Mexico's 2014 National Survey on Household Income and Expenditure (ENIGH), 49% of remittance receiving  This paper studies the long-term effects of partici- pation in the Mexican Oportunidades program on a variety of outcomes and behaviors of rural youth in. Mexico  16 Jun 2015 What are conditional cash transfers, how has Mexico been a pioneer of these programs, and what kind of results have they brought? Mexico's 

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